Can I Re-Use Grandmas Diamonds in a Custom Ring?


You may have a couple of old pieces you no longer wear, but you cherish the diamonds or gems set in them. Do you know what that means? To me it means someone love(s/d) you and you love(d) someone. You can use any diamonds or stones, but here is something to keep in mind. If numerous diamonds and gems are being taken from a series of different pieces even if the stones look similar, they most likely have been cut differently. That mean two diamonds that look the same from the top, may be deeper or shallower than the other. In this case we must measure each and every stone, and design the piece specifically for each of the gems. Many jewelers make this mistake and cut out this step, but sadly the results for those jewelers and clients are diamonds falling out. Since it does take additional time, it may take a little more time in the designing process, but the end result will always be worth the wait, and probably more importantly will stand the test of time for generations to come!

Custom Designing Jewelry

What comes to mind with Custom Jewelry
I’ve spoken to hundreds of people about custom designing jewelry and I hear the same two things almost every time…”expensive”. Let me explain why your dream piece of jewelry can be customized and can be far from expensive, but first let me tell you why I love customization.
Unlike most family owned jewelry businesses I wasn’t born into the industry at all. I entered the jewelry industry because of a growing passion for unique and extraordinary pieces, and because I never was good at heavy lifting manual labor. Since I wasn’t raised in this industry I wasn’t taught “the way” things are done. Form the beginning I saw so many jewelers who moaned and groaned about the difficulties of custom designing jewelry. I always believed that if Your Jewelry Box was going to be superior to other jewelry companies we needed to do things differently and emphasize making what is difficult and pricey, easy and affordable.
I got involved years ago with the top of the line Computer Aided Design software specific to jewelry. Following that with utilizing the latest technology of milling equipment, wax growing technology, and developing a full manufacturing facility Your Jewelry Box is set up to not only make custom easy, but also affordable. Coming full circle, we pride ourselves on being specialists at something most jewelers only get confused and frustrated by. Simply put, we love customizing jewelry that fit’s your vision of the perfect piece.
Custom Deisgn In progress
If you find a piece you like, but are interested in customizing it simply click ask, then question and send us a description of how you would like to see the piece.
When you select an item or two that you like, but want to make slight or minor adjustments to it we call this customization. This may be something as simple as making a piece in another color of gold, or adding or removing a halo around your center diamond. Because Your Jewelry Box specializes in custom and customization there is almost never a fee for the design of a customization. Custom is the term used for an item that is designed from scratch. This may start as a sketch or a series of sketches. It may involve re-purposing heirloom diamonds or gemstones, or include your old gold being melted into the piece. Myself and my team at YJB understand what jewelry is really all about. It’s about love, love between two people, love of who you are, love of fashion, and sometimes a connection of love to someone who has passed.
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Diamonds: a universal symbol of Love

Diamonds: A universal symbol of love and commitment

For decades, diamonds, the king of gems, have symbolized eternal love and commitment between two people. A man’s pure loyalty to a woman can be sealed with an offering of this gem while a woman receiving it denotes her willingness to accept the promise offered to her by her better half.
But why exactly are diamonds considered a universal symbol of love? What does this precious gem really mean to a relationship? Below, we delve deeper into the earliest uses of a diamond to form this connection.

History of engagement rings
The act of giving binding jewelry has been a trend since time immemorial. In pre-history, cavemen were believed to tie cords of braided grass around their mates’ ankles, waist, and wrists as a sign that they had claimed a woman as a partner. Through time, however, the act of exchanging rings has taken a more romantic path than a possessive one. A good example is the Egyptians who wore gold or silver rings on the third finger of their left hands which is believed to be directly connected to the heart by the vein vena amoris.
Rings became even more commemorative in the 12th century when new wedding rules were set by the then Pope, Innocent III. In addition to the bride needing a ring, couples were also mandated to set a waiting period before their marriage. And so the official purpose of engagement rings were born as lovebirds gave away rings while they counted down the days until their unions.
The first recorded commission of the diamond engagement ring was in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria had a ring decorated with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M” for his beloved Mary of Burgundy. This started the trend among European nobility and aristocracy, and the rest, they say, is history.
At present, the round brilliant cut made up of 58 facets remains the most popular diamond cut for engagement rings. Following in popularity are the princess and emerald cuts. Colored diamonds have also been gaining fame recently from yellow to mocha brown.

My favorite thing is hearing from you what your diamond means to you.  What you think of every time you look at it, or it’s fire radiates across the room. As always Be Unique, Be Extraordinary, Be You!