365-Day Warranty

365 Day Out of The Box Warranty

All Fine Jewelry Selected From Your Jewelry Box come complete with the most comprehensive warranty in the entire industry. Every part of your jewelry from it's foundation to the top of your ring, your necklace including the chain and all gems and diamonds are 100% covered both for the parts and the labor to perform the necessary maintenance to keep your dream piece looking just like the day you purchased it. Our warranty covers all kinds of regular wear and tear, because we want your jewelry out of it's box and on you! 90% of issues that are experienced with any piece are experienced within 6 months, so we doubled that and want you to be confident that when purchasing from Your Jewelry Box, we are here 100% of the time for you! Free Rohidum Plating, Free Sizing, Free Cleaning, Tightening, Checking etc! Guess what, we even pay shipping

Theres only a few small exceptions. One, we cannot replace lost opals, emeralds, or other very soft or porous gemstones. In these cases we will perform the labor free of charge, but a small fee will be charged to replaced the lost gem. Insurance would cover this loss for you if you chose to have a policy. Two, watches are excluded and are warrantied for 90 days from the date of purchase. Third, if you live within 30 miles of our Altoona, we require 3 month in-store inspections, if you live outside of that area we ask that you text or email us a close up image of your piece every 90 days along with your name and zip code. Late, no problem as soon as you send us the iamge your warranty is re-instated.
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