Proposal Story

Devin and Kerry's Love Story

She thought she was coming to a Chamber of Commerce event. There were four tables of memories along the path leading to the tree outside the classroom where we first met. In the tree were promises. Good romantic ones! Then the last promise was in the wooden chest locked with a heart shaped skeleton key lock. When it was opened the promise "I promise to marry you" was inside. Along with a picture of Kerry's Dad (RIP) and my Mom(RIP) and a memorial candle for them. There were hidden cameras so there should be a video soon! Side note-she didn't even see the first table, with the card that explained that the walk to the tree was to begin our new journey, because there were four people looking at it when she arrived and they "kept giving her funny looks when she walked by". PROBABLY BECAUSE HER PICTURE WAS ALL OVER THE TABLE! I was waiting in a building nearby. I came out and asked her to marry me at the tree outside of the college classroom where we met.

Devin-Altoona , PA, US

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