Diamond Education

Diamond Education

Are diamond really forever? Of course they are, diamonds are one of the only onjects on earth that will never lessen in beauty with age. You can wear your diamond 365 days a year for a lifetime and it will be exactly the same as the day you put it on and the diamond requires essentially no maintenance. Try that with a car. Diamonds formed over millions of years simply from carbon, and will last litterally forever.

Are diamonds really a girls best friend? Yet again the answer is a most deffinite YES (we had to yell it). DIamonds have become a universal symbol of love. The amount of fire and brilliance bouncing around in a diamond is like the passion two people in love have for one another.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. They are rated a 10 on the mohs scale of hardness. The only thing that will cut a diamond is another diamond.

Brilliance & Fire

Brilliance refers to the white light that reflects out the top of the diamond into your eye. This is 1/2 of the overall bling factor.

Fire is the other half of the bling factor. Fire is all of the colored light that reflects out the top of the diamond and into your eye. Think of fire as the fireworks, when your driving down the road on a sunny day and the light shining out of your diamond creates hundreds of moving colored dots on the inside roof of your car.

These two together are a function of all of the 4 c's working together in harmony in your diamond. Your perfect diamond is waiting to give you your very own personal fireworks display.

Understanding The Four C's

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A physical property that a diamond may or may not possess. Flouresence may cause a diamond to appear a different color than it actually is when viewed in certain lights. It is actually a radioactive property(safe).

It can produce a yellowish, bluish, or whitish glow in Sun-light or fluorescent light. Blue is the most common, and it can mask yellow; viewed in incandescent light (normal candle or regular lamp), the diamond will appear yellow, if indeed it is.

This means that a J color diamond with strong blue flouresence may appear less yellow closer to an I or even an H in most forms of lighting.

Doesn’t add or take away from value under most circumstances. Actually, it often makes a diamond look bluish, which enhances color and sometimes general eye appeal.

Diamonds that exhibit strong yellow florescence, however, will be lower in price, since it enhances the yellow color visible in the diamond.

Flouresence shouldn't be a primary concern in finding the perfect diamond. We only choose to sell diamonds in which we feel any flouresence present enhances the overall appeal of the diamond.

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